Tuesday, October 7

Oatmeal with Protein Power

I like to look for ways to add a little protein to my breakfast meal and this is a simple way to do it!

One way to add egg/egg whites to oatmeal that will create a smooth, silky texture is:

-Cook your oatmail on stovetop like you mormally do
-Add milk or cream and other other condiments (salt, sugar, etc.)
-When the oatmeal is cooked, turn off the heat or take the pot away from the heat completely
-Stir in the egg (usually 1 whole egg or 2 egg white), and quickly stir it with a stirrer. Make sure the pot is away from the heat!
- Stir it fast enough and in a minute or so, it will see the "egg drop soup" effect with smooth strands of egg incorporated into the oatmeal!

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Saint Maker said...

Have you tried the weight control oatmeal packets? They have added protein for you! I love to have it with a handful of walnuts. Also special K has a delicious new cereal with protein added. Both are easy breakfasts.