Wednesday, November 12

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Everyone has a weakness for something! My weakness is peanut butter and jelly! It's always so tempting to sneak some while I'm making the kids lunches at night. Unfortunately, that means that I haven't followed the No S Diet rules...(which really do work, by the way) I came up with a plan that might work. I'l make all the peanut butter/jelly sandwiches ahead of time and stock them up in the freezer for the week. Then I'll only have to grab them for the lunches and I won't be tempted to sample them! What do you think?

Saturday, November 8


When I first started No S Dieting in June, my BMI was 24.1. Now five months later I'm happy to report that my BMI has dropped to 21.6. YIPPEEEEE!!! Check out your BMI here!

Thursday, November 6

Recommittment to what works!

I'll bet you may be wondering if I fell off the face of the earth, since I haven't posted in a month. I was continuing to do very well on the No S Diet until about a week ago. It had gotten to the point where people were thinking I was getting too thin! Well, I thought that gave me license to break No Sing. My heartburn started coming back because I was eating too late in the evening. I started feeling lethargic from eating more than one serving. That made me less motivated to go on my walks. I put back on 5 pounds...which actually is ok for my heighth, but I feel much better without the extra 5 pounds. So NOW, I'm going to go back to what I know works! No S DIETING! So that is why you see today's lunch posted here! How have all of YOU been?

Tuesday, October 7

Oatmeal with Protein Power

I like to look for ways to add a little protein to my breakfast meal and this is a simple way to do it!

One way to add egg/egg whites to oatmeal that will create a smooth, silky texture is:

-Cook your oatmail on stovetop like you mormally do
-Add milk or cream and other other condiments (salt, sugar, etc.)
-When the oatmeal is cooked, turn off the heat or take the pot away from the heat completely
-Stir in the egg (usually 1 whole egg or 2 egg white), and quickly stir it with a stirrer. Make sure the pot is away from the heat!
- Stir it fast enough and in a minute or so, it will see the "egg drop soup" effect with smooth strands of egg incorporated into the oatmeal!

Wednesday, October 1

mEtAbOlIsM bOoStEr

Aren't we always looking for ways to boost our metabolism? Well, I found one that seems to be working well for me and help me lose 20 pounds in 3 months. Early in the morning, I'm so busy getting the kids off to school that I have little time for a good breakfast until about 10 am. I don't want my body to think it's in the starvation mode. I realize my body needs a little kick to start burning the calories, so I eat a few nuts, pretzels, or a bit of cereal to jump start my metabolism. I don't consider it "snacking" because it's just a bite. It's been a great little tweaker for my No S Dieting.

Monday, September 29

Breakfast Taco

Have you been craving something a little different and satisfying for breakfast? You'll have to try this! Basically, it's a vegetarian omelet with a little cheddar cheese in a soft taco. This morning my vegetables of choice were tomatoes, green onions, cooked carrots/spinach, and peas. I added two scrambled eggs, topped with a little bit of cheddar cheese for flavor and sprinkled garlic salt to taste. It was really delicious and smelt so good while cooking in the pan. I made one for my daughter also, and she loved it. Of course, I had to have my cup of fruit as a side dish!

Thursday, September 25

Eat Your Spinach!

Since starting the No S Diet at the end of June, I have been eating much more healthier. That includes eating lots of vegetables. I found an enjoyable way to make sure I got my servings of spinach in. It's very simple. Simmer 1 bag carrots and 1 bag spinach in pot with 1 can of fat-free chicken broth. Season to taste. It's healthy and delicious!

Thursday, September 18

Today's Vegetarian Delight

This morning I put together a couple combinations of vegetables I had in our refrigerator. On the left, you will see a broccoli salad, and on the right is a tomato, cucumber, zucchini, onion, & garbonzo bean salad. I added a low-fat dressing with some seasonings to add flavor. What a delightful 'light' lunch!

Thursday, September 11

Light & Tasty Lunch for No S-ing

As you can see, I'm still enjoying eating salmon for my meals. Aldi's has 4 individually wrapped salmon servings per package. It's an easy 4 minutes in the microwave and it's done! The asparagus also comes FRESH/FROZEN in a bag. Soooooo easy to make a quick lunch! Delicious too!

Wednesday, September 10

Breakfast Italiano

Today I was hungry for something a little different for breakfast. This turned out really scrumptious. I made 2 eggs over easy and toasted 1 slice of whole grain wheat bread. I topped the eggs with garlic salt and fresh basil. Before the eggs were fully cooked I added sliced tomatoes to the pan and topped them with sprinkles of feta cheese & parsley. Voila! A Delicious Italian (and Greek) Breakfast!

Sunday, September 7


In regards to the No S Diet, the past can be a minute ago, a day ago, a month ago or years ago.
We must never lose hope that we can reach our goals. Keep taking those steps forward and don't look back!

Thursday, August 28


Back in July I earned my blue ribbon by following the No S Diet for 21 days in a row. I'm now 15 pounds lighter and working on losing another 10 pounds. Make sure you take a blue ribbon (on my sidebar) when you have reached 21 days also! You deserve it!

Wednesday, August 27

Panini Tortilla

I'm sure I've mentioned in my previous postings how much I enjoy adding a "tortilla" to my salads. Today while I was making my family panini sandwiches, I thought I'd throw my tortilla on the grill too. It toasted up to a nice crunchy texture and added a little extra pizazz to my lunch today. I prefer to use the GARDEN SPINACH & VEGETABLES 95% Fat Free Gourmet Tortillas. You should be able to find them on any grocery shelf. Next time I may try spritzing a little olive oil and seasoning on the tortilla before I grill it. YUM!

Tuesday, August 26

Bummer, I didn't resist the cranberries!

Ok, I'm going to "confess" right away. The delicious walnut cranberry cookies are now coming out of the oven, but not without a lot of the cranberries missing. Oh, I didn't pick them all out of the dough, but enough that I know I shouldn't have done it...and that I was resorting back into an old habit. I rationalized it by telling myself that cranberries are healthy... and that I was doing so good on my No S Diet that this wouldn't "hurt" me. Well, I know I won't regain the 15 pounds I lost overnight...but I felt uncomfortable picking the cranberries out of the dough and realized that eating the NO S way brings me a lot more enjoyment. I need to remember that the next time I'm tempted to dig into some cookie dough and pick out an important ingredient! :)

Monday, August 25

Monday's Lunch at CHILI'S!

Today my daughter and I went to Chili's and split a Chicken Quesadilla Explosion. If you've never tried one of these, you don't know what you're missing! They are fantastic! I'm not sure how one person could eat the whole thing. I didn't eat the guacamole dip...too many calories. They will also substitute shrimp for the chicken, but for an added fee. That is also delicious!

Saturday, August 23

Today's No S Dieter Tip

Everyone who has ever dieted always appreciates a good tip! I'd like to share one with you. I love using these WISHBONE SALAD SPRITZERS on my salads. My favorite is RANCH VINAIGRETTE DRESSING. Can you believe only 2 calories per spray? This little 7 fl.oz. bottle dresses more salads than a 16 oz. bottle! It suits this NO S DIETER perfectly!

Friday, August 22


I'm doing the HAPPY DANCE today! I was surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning to see that I had already lost 15 pounds since June 27th! My starting weight was 145 and since I am only 5'4" losing the 15 pounds has made a big difference in how I look and feel. I have dropped from almost a Size 12 to a Size 8. My indigestion symptoms have also dropped from a 9 down to a 1. :) That is REALLY good news about losing weight! Following the No S Diet has not only been pretty easy, but also fun. It's been helpful to keep this blog about my journey and I hope to continue! My goal is to lose another 10 pounds. Developing the No S Diet habits has enabled me to have the confidence that I can do this for a life-time! I know YOU can too!

Wednesday, August 20


Often times you'll see my plates have grapes, raisins, or cranberries mixed in with my salads.
I love the texture and flavors fruit lends to my meals, not to mention the vitamins! A big plus for me is the way fruit satisfies that sweet tooth I have. It's a great addition to any meal! Try it sometime!

Tuesday, August 19

Diet the No S Diet way!

Last night I enjoyed a delicious supper of BBQ Chicken Breast, Sliced Sweet Potato, and Broccoli Salad on a bed of Lettuce. <------my favorite. :) It was fast and easy to put together. Best of all, it was filling and healthy. Preparing meals on the No S Diet doesn't take a lot of preparation, but with a little bit of effort it's easy to come up with some tasty and affordable meals.

Saturday, August 16

How do skinny people eat?

Since I've been on the No S Diet, I've become more aware of peoples eating habits. I see thin people eating sweets, desserts, and fattening foods. But I also have noticed that they have no problem leaving food on their plates and they eat slowly. Many times I hear them say "NO, thank you." to offers of food. Have you noticed anything about how thin people eat? If so, please share them!


Today I took the liberty of having a SPECIAL "S" DAY! I went to a WEDDING and if that's not considered SPECIAL, nothing is! I ate very lightly earlier in the day. The buffet banquet was healthy and delicious, but it was the hor d'eurves that were a little tricky. They were soooo good and the meal was delayed a bit, due to the bridal party having their pictures taken. Needless to say, I probably had a few more of the delicacies than were absolutely necessary to stave off my hunger. In "reparation" I decided not to have any cake...which was fine with me, because I wasn't craving the sweets. Since being on the NO S DIET, it's become easier to say NO to sugar. So all in all, it was a very successful SPECIAL "S" Day! Oh, by the way...I think the bride and groom are going to live happily ever after!

Thursday, August 14

Meet one of my best friends!

I know it's still summer, but it won't be too long and the cooler weather will be upon us. I'm looking forward to having some delicious No S Diet crockpot meals. I'll be sure and share some of my recipes with you. You'll really like my black-bean chili! It's one of my all-time favorites!

Wednesday, August 13

Incredibly Simple

It's amazing how quick and easy a No S Diet Supper can be put together. At the beginning of the week, I browsed the grocery shelf for something a little more exciting to add to my salads. I decided to try marinated artichokes and Greek Kalamata Olives. It added a nice zing to the meal!

Sunday, August 10

Trying the "PORTION PLAN"

On Friday night my daughter made some delicious smelling blueberry muffins. I told her I would save mine for Saturday, my "S" day. Well, when Saturday morning rolled around and it was breakfast I realized that now would be the perfect time to try the PORTION PLAN as specified in the book I just read and commented on in an earlier post. I measured a portion of the muffin using two fingers and cut the muffin accordingly. My sweettooth was fully satisfied eating 1/3 of the muffin. I had a good feeling that following the PORTION PLAN would work extremely well on my "S" days when sweets, snacks and seconds were allowed. What a great way to start my "S" weekend!

P.S. Yes, that is Cool Whip on my cereal! :) We were out of milk, and since it was an "S" Day, I was in the free and clear!

Saturday, August 9

Soup Days Ahead!

After some real scorching hot days last week, the weather has finally cooled off a bit. This got me to thinking about the approach of winter. It has been nice filling up on some delicious salads with all the nice selections of vegetables available during the summer months. It won't be long before soup season arrives and the menu will change a bit. I hope I'll be able to continue my success on the No S Diet when that time comes. Somehow I think I will!

Thursday, August 7

Portion Distortion

Do you really mean I can eat the foods I love and still lose weight? Following the No S Diet has shown me that I can...and THE PORTION PLAN reinforces that concept to me. It's all a matter of portions. This is especially helpful on "S" Days when I have the freedom to eat sweets. Authoress Linda Gassenheimer has chosen symbols showing different parts of the hand to indicate how much of each food makes the ideal portion. I paid particular attention to the dessert section. How much dessert can I eat on my "S" days and still be within the limits of healthy eating? She uses two-thumb portions as a measure. Put your two thumbs together and that is the size that a brownie should be. Put two fingers together and that is the portion size for frosted carrot cake, chocolate fudge cake, and strawberry cheesecake. Other desserts also, but you get the idea. This book should be available at your local library. It's something you might find helpful in combination with the No S Diet! Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, August 6

Does anyone care what I had for lunch?

I thought it might be fun to get some new ideas for the blogs I have. While at the library yesterday I came across this book about blogs entitled "No One Cares What You Had For Lunch - 100 Ideas for Your Blog". Sometimes I'll post what I ate for lunch. But is it true...does anyone really care what I had for lunch? And so what if they don't care? I care, because it's important to my health and well being. Since being on the No S Diet, I have much more energy than before. I'm putting better foods into my body, and still not depriving myself of the food I really like and crave. I have more discipline over the choices I make and following No S has been a huge part of that. So I guess I answered my own question, eh? :)

Tuesday, August 5

Tuesday's Top Secret Weapon #2

There are some days when realize I am more hungry than others. I try to be aware that I may need a little more protein in my diet to hold me over to the next meal. This is when I pull out my secret weapon...the Fit & Active Plain Nonfat Yogurt. In addition to my regular meal, I scoop myself about 3-4 heaping tablespoons in a little dish and add a little sweetener to taste. Sometimes I add a few drops of vanilla flavoring. This satisfies my need for a little something extra and I know I won't be hungry before it's time for my next meal. Try it sometime. See if it works for you!

Monday, August 4

No S Diet Success on an "S" Day!

This weekend my dh and I went to see Batman. (The Dark Knight) I can't believe it, but I actually sat through the movie without any popcorn or sodas. I was satisfied from supper and didn't have the desire to indulge in any "junk" at the theater. Following the No S Diet through the week has given me a little more will power on the weekends to say NO to foods that really aren't good for me. THANK YOU NO S DIET!

Thursday, July 31

101 Ways to STOP eating after dinner

(Click on photo to enlarge.)
No eating past 7pm has been very helpful in following the No S Diet. Although it is not a requirement, I have added it as an extra "S" to my regimen. This book is a great help to those that may have difficulty saying "no" to food after dinner. I included the back of the book in the photo so you may get a better idea what is inside.

(A small excerpt)...

Affirmations can be gentle and nurturing, strong and positive, or tough---whatever works for you:
* One day at a time
* My body is a temple.
* Just do it!
* Think before you eat.
* Is it really worth it?
* Do you really want to look like the Goodyear blimp for the rest of your life?

Wednesday, July 30

Everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink!

Sometimes you just gotta have a sense of humor! Today's tasty lunch consisted of one of my favorite salad combinations.

Shredded Carrots
Blue & Feta Cheese Crumbles
Suremi (Fake Crab Meat)
Kitchen Sink

Monday, July 28

Salmon Delight

ALDI'S sells pre-packaged Wild Caught Salmon Fillets that make a very nice No S Diet supper.
I just pop it in the microwave for 4 minutes with a little soy sauce sprinkled on top and lay that on top of a nice bed of lettuce/greens with feta cheese crumbles. Nothing could be simpler!

My Weekend Weakness

I just found out that there are 10 gumdrops in a single serving of gumdrops. The GOOD NEWS is that knowledge made me feel so much better about my weekend "S" day eating. The BAD NEWS is that even though I didn't have more than 10 gumdrops, I ate the ones I had with reckless abandon. I didn't savor the flavor and texture of each one. My goal next weekend, should I be around these delicious little candies will be to make it a point to slow down! Hey, that could be another "S" on my No S Diet! - - - - - "SAVOR SLOWLY"

Toss the scale?

Do you regularly step on the scale? Has a daily weigh-in helped you maintain or lose weight? I have found that even though I may not have lost weight during certain weeks, that if I follow the No S Diet and do my daily walk I lose inches. I haven't totally tossed my scale yet, but I try not to weigh myself more than once a week. No S Dieter, "Blueskighs" has an interesting post on her blog about this also!

Saturday, July 26

Strange Combo Supper

Tonight's supper was a little strange. I made baked pasta/sugo for the family, so I had to make sure I saved a place for some of that on my plate. I also had a salad with - GET THIS - blue cheese, gargonzola, and feta cheese crumbles. I added a little plain yogurt with sweetener for my protein and a handful of grapes to top it off. All in all, it was a very satisfying meal. :)

Today's "S" Day

I was very fortunate today in that the luncheon I went to served a very healthy and hearty chicken salad with raspberry vinagrette dressing. It was soooo good! My treats today were a piece of cake, one cookie, some nuts and of course the butter mints on the table! Delish!

Friday, July 25

"Alaskan" Summer Seafood Salad

I have found the Alaskan Ulu to be a very helpful No S Diet tool. The plate on the left is my salad before I chopped it all up.

  • Grapes
  • Lettuce
  • Crab Sticks
  • Mixed Veggies
  • Tortilla Wedges
  • Blue Cheese Crumbles
The Ulu is quick and easy, but be careful as it can be also very sharp. Has anyone else used an Ulu?