Saturday, November 8


When I first started No S Dieting in June, my BMI was 24.1. Now five months later I'm happy to report that my BMI has dropped to 21.6. YIPPEEEEE!!! Check out your BMI here!

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oolala53 said...

You weren't even overweight when you started! I've been No S-ing for nearly two years (though my S days have only recently calmed down), and I'm still 12 lbs. heavier than my highest normal BMI. Yeah, it's a long time, but that's how it's worked out for me. I am hoping to be happy to get to 24.9 as my food consumption has dropped so much I can't imagine eating little enough to get much lower, at least not for a year or two. But if you are happy with the amount of food you eat and your level of exercise, I guess you are destined to be pretty darn thin! Glad you've found your balance.