Monday, September 29

Breakfast Taco

Have you been craving something a little different and satisfying for breakfast? You'll have to try this! Basically, it's a vegetarian omelet with a little cheddar cheese in a soft taco. This morning my vegetables of choice were tomatoes, green onions, cooked carrots/spinach, and peas. I added two scrambled eggs, topped with a little bit of cheddar cheese for flavor and sprinkled garlic salt to taste. It was really delicious and smelt so good while cooking in the pan. I made one for my daughter also, and she loved it. Of course, I had to have my cup of fruit as a side dish!

Thursday, September 25

Eat Your Spinach!

Since starting the No S Diet at the end of June, I have been eating much more healthier. That includes eating lots of vegetables. I found an enjoyable way to make sure I got my servings of spinach in. It's very simple. Simmer 1 bag carrots and 1 bag spinach in pot with 1 can of fat-free chicken broth. Season to taste. It's healthy and delicious!

Thursday, September 18

Today's Vegetarian Delight

This morning I put together a couple combinations of vegetables I had in our refrigerator. On the left, you will see a broccoli salad, and on the right is a tomato, cucumber, zucchini, onion, & garbonzo bean salad. I added a low-fat dressing with some seasonings to add flavor. What a delightful 'light' lunch!

Thursday, September 11

Light & Tasty Lunch for No S-ing

As you can see, I'm still enjoying eating salmon for my meals. Aldi's has 4 individually wrapped salmon servings per package. It's an easy 4 minutes in the microwave and it's done! The asparagus also comes FRESH/FROZEN in a bag. Soooooo easy to make a quick lunch! Delicious too!

Wednesday, September 10

Breakfast Italiano

Today I was hungry for something a little different for breakfast. This turned out really scrumptious. I made 2 eggs over easy and toasted 1 slice of whole grain wheat bread. I topped the eggs with garlic salt and fresh basil. Before the eggs were fully cooked I added sliced tomatoes to the pan and topped them with sprinkles of feta cheese & parsley. Voila! A Delicious Italian (and Greek) Breakfast!

Sunday, September 7


In regards to the No S Diet, the past can be a minute ago, a day ago, a month ago or years ago.
We must never lose hope that we can reach our goals. Keep taking those steps forward and don't look back!