Tuesday, August 26

Bummer, I didn't resist the cranberries!

Ok, I'm going to "confess" right away. The delicious walnut cranberry cookies are now coming out of the oven, but not without a lot of the cranberries missing. Oh, I didn't pick them all out of the dough, but enough that I know I shouldn't have done it...and that I was resorting back into an old habit. I rationalized it by telling myself that cranberries are healthy... and that I was doing so good on my No S Diet that this wouldn't "hurt" me. Well, I know I won't regain the 15 pounds I lost overnight...but I felt uncomfortable picking the cranberries out of the dough and realized that eating the NO S way brings me a lot more enjoyment. I need to remember that the next time I'm tempted to dig into some cookie dough and pick out an important ingredient! :)

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