Saturday, August 16


Today I took the liberty of having a SPECIAL "S" DAY! I went to a WEDDING and if that's not considered SPECIAL, nothing is! I ate very lightly earlier in the day. The buffet banquet was healthy and delicious, but it was the hor d'eurves that were a little tricky. They were soooo good and the meal was delayed a bit, due to the bridal party having their pictures taken. Needless to say, I probably had a few more of the delicacies than were absolutely necessary to stave off my hunger. In "reparation" I decided not to have any cake...which was fine with me, because I wasn't craving the sweets. Since being on the NO S DIET, it's become easier to say NO to sugar. So all in all, it was a very successful SPECIAL "S" Day! Oh, by the way...I think the bride and groom are going to live happily ever after!

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