Thursday, August 7

Portion Distortion

Do you really mean I can eat the foods I love and still lose weight? Following the No S Diet has shown me that I can...and THE PORTION PLAN reinforces that concept to me. It's all a matter of portions. This is especially helpful on "S" Days when I have the freedom to eat sweets. Authoress Linda Gassenheimer has chosen symbols showing different parts of the hand to indicate how much of each food makes the ideal portion. I paid particular attention to the dessert section. How much dessert can I eat on my "S" days and still be within the limits of healthy eating? She uses two-thumb portions as a measure. Put your two thumbs together and that is the size that a brownie should be. Put two fingers together and that is the portion size for frosted carrot cake, chocolate fudge cake, and strawberry cheesecake. Other desserts also, but you get the idea. This book should be available at your local library. It's something you might find helpful in combination with the No S Diet! Let me know what you think!

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My No S Journal said...

Hi, let me start by saying that i love your blog, it's great, and very inspirational for a new NO Ser like myself. This book looks very interesting, it's definitely a good add on to No S, i think i'll pick it up the next time i'm at the book store, thanks a bunch!