Monday, July 28

My Weekend Weakness

I just found out that there are 10 gumdrops in a single serving of gumdrops. The GOOD NEWS is that knowledge made me feel so much better about my weekend "S" day eating. The BAD NEWS is that even though I didn't have more than 10 gumdrops, I ate the ones I had with reckless abandon. I didn't savor the flavor and texture of each one. My goal next weekend, should I be around these delicious little candies will be to make it a point to slow down! Hey, that could be another "S" on my No S Diet! - - - - - "SAVOR SLOWLY"

1 comment:

bearing said...

Boy, I'm with you on the gumdrops. They rock.

Especially black ones. And orange.

I must unconsciously love Halloween.