Monday, July 21

A Hashbrown Revelation

As I was thinking back to this past weekend and the No S Diet I was surprised to learn something new about the benefits of following this particular way of eating. When we were out to breakfast on my "S" Sunday, the waitress asked me if I wanted hashbrowns with my breakfast. Normally I will decline and substitute fruit. What a bummer that is because I absolutely LOVE hashbrowns with catsup on them. Well, now that I am on the No S Diet, I realized I CAN order hashbrowns and enjoy every bite! So that is what I did. And I didn't feel guilty at all! That's the best part. There will be times in the future when I'm sure I will order fruit instead of hashbrowns, but it's not going to be because of guilt that I do it! It will be because I really want the fruit! :)

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