Wednesday, July 16

My No S Diet Journey Begins

Last night I found a great blog Blueskighs posted about the No S Diet. That gave me the inspiration to start my own. I officially started the No S Diet on June 27 and have been keeping a food diary using the POCKETMOD. (That has been my own addition to the No S Diet. It is not required.) My weight had climbed to #145 and since I am only 5'4", that's a little too much for me. On July 18th I will have been on the No S Diet for 3 full weeks. My weight is presently at #138-139. I'd like to get down to #125-130. I'm confident knowing that my goal is attainable and sustainable on the No S Diet!

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Anonymous said...

Oh zowie! The PocketMod totally rocks! Great No-S blog, and can't thank you enough for this tip!