Wednesday, October 1

mEtAbOlIsM bOoStEr

Aren't we always looking for ways to boost our metabolism? Well, I found one that seems to be working well for me and help me lose 20 pounds in 3 months. Early in the morning, I'm so busy getting the kids off to school that I have little time for a good breakfast until about 10 am. I don't want my body to think it's in the starvation mode. I realize my body needs a little kick to start burning the calories, so I eat a few nuts, pretzels, or a bit of cereal to jump start my metabolism. I don't consider it "snacking" because it's just a bite. It's been a great little tweaker for my No S Dieting.


Shari said...

I think the beauty of the No S diet is if you stay within the guidelines and principals you can "mod" it to your personal needs to suit your well being.

CONGRATS on having so much weight loss success as well. 20 lbs in 3 months is fantastic. You are an inspiration.

I love the art on your blog, it's so motivating and wonderful. Please keep it up!

A HAPPY No S Dieter said...

Shari, Thank you for your kind words. I agree with you that one of the main reasons I love the No S Diet is because it allows for modifications without the guilt feelings of "breaking" a diet. This is not something I'm going to GO OFF of. It's a way of living, eating, and as normal as breathing. Another benefit, is that is keeps getting easier all the time. Good luck to you on your No S-ing!

susan said...

This is the first time I have heard of this diet before. Thanks for the tip I will try this in the morning too!